A comprehensive list of the ever growing AMM Creative Media services

This is a list of services offered by AMM Creative Media. This list is expanding regularly, so if there is a service you’re interested in and you don’t see listed, please contact me. To get an idea of what costs you may incur, please visit the Price Page.

Web Design
Basic Websites
Online Portfolio
E-commerce sites
Content Management Sites
Social Networking Sites (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
Facebook Fan Page Customization
MySpace Page Customization
Twitter Page Customization
Web Ad Design

Print Design (printing available for most)
Corporate ID
– Logo
– Business Cards
– Letterhead/Envelope
Packaging Design
Promotional Items
– Postcard/Flyer Design
– Poster Design
– Ticket Design
– Door Hangers
– Brochures
– Car Magnets
– Car Stickers
– Calendars
– Lawn Signs
– Window Decals
CD/DVD Cover and Insert Design (Full Package)
T-Shirt Design
Birth Announcements / Shower Invitations
Wedding Announcements / Shower Invitations
– Cover Design (Front/Back/Spine)
– Layout Design
– Publishing
– 3-D Image of book for marketing purposes
– E-Books
– Yearbooks
– Photo Books
– Cookbooks
– Poetry Books
– Special Video Projects
– Sports highlight film
– Memory Video, perfect for…
– Graduations
– Retirements
– Father’s Day
– Mother’s Day
– Birthdays

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